Scum Server rules

Reggie ADMINtagtag posted Aug 28, 18

SoS Scum Server Rules


  1. Our main rule and server philosophy is pretty simple - Don’t be a dick! - This is the most important rule on the server and applies everywhere on the map. Examples of being a dick include:


  • Racist, abusive, sexist or homophobic language of any kind!
  • Malicious baiting - Abusing another player’s kindness in order to kill them. This is not allowed unless as part of a roleplay in which all players in the situation are involved.
  • Abusing Staff members or others on Teamspeak/Server/Facebook/Twitter
  • Advertising other servers/teamspeaks/discord/communities Advertising other communities/servers is rude and disrespectful, a lot of hard work goes into running and maintaining this server, anyone doing so will likely be banned from the server, forums and teamspeak at an Admin's discretion.
  • Cheating/exploiting/glitching/hacking/abusing game mechanics.
  • Exploit Kills: Killing anyone by abusing ingame rendering (Buildings/obstructions not rendering)


These examples of behaviour will get you banned permanently!

Kill-on-Sight (KOS) Rules

  1. Kill On Sight (KoS) Areas! There are parts of the map where you can kill on sight no matter what day of the week it is. All military bases (With Mechs inside/outside) are Kill on Sight. You may engage if you are both within 100 metres of the military base compound/walls or within the compound itself.
  2. Purge days! - There are currently 2 Purge days a week on the server. You may kill on sight anywhere on these days, The Purge takes place on a Tuesday from 00:00 - 23:59 and Saturday from 00:00 - 23:59. (UK Time) Be careful, it’s going to be a bloodbath out there.
  3. Regular Days! Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday are Friendly days. KOS is restricted to KOS areas (All Military Bases with Mech's inside/ouside) Role-play is welcome and encouraged! Killing on sight is not allowed outside of the Military areas! You must approach players and interact with them before shooting, this does not mean shouting "Hello Hello" and then opening fire, you must issue demands and/or RP with them, issuing demands such as "Stand on your head" or "Turn into a chocolate pudding" which are both impossible are not valid interactions just as an excuse to kill someone. You cannot kill a person who complies with your demands under any circumstances!

Even during Purge days, we encourage player interaction and we reserve the right to label inappropriate engagements as being a Dick.


  1. Hostages! - You can never kill a complying hostage. If the hostage poses no threat to you and has complied with your requests you can not kill the hostage even on a Purge day.


  1. Autorestarts - The server is currently set to autorestart every 4 hours from 00:00 daily (UK Time)
  2. Loot - Loot is currently set at x10
  3. Puppets - Puppets currently deal double damage and are set at the maximum amount allowed.



Our Teamspeak address is This is a public TS server for everybody to use! Feel free to come online and chat to the [SoS] Clan or just use the channels for you and your group to play in.  
1. Be respectful to other players and admins! Remember server rule number one, Don’t be a dick!

. Use the same name in TS as you use in game! This includes clan tags!

3. Use the TS to report rule-breakers and cheaters!


This community is run as a strictly non-profit gaming community, by donating you understand and agree with the following:

1. Your donation is made voluntarily therefore all donations are final, the service providers will not issue refunds.

2. Donations are solely used to pay for our monthly operating fees and go directly to our service providers, this includes the Dayz and Scum Game servers, Web hosting, Forums and Teamspeak.

3. If you dispute your payment your account(s) will/may be locked/banned, this includes your forum account, in order to resolve this contact an Admin on Teamspeak.

4. Donating does not exclude you from the server rules or their punishment. If you are found guilty and you are punished you will not receive a refund.